The Definitive Guide to the Best Mens Wallets

Looking for the best men’s wallets? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Wallets come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials and it can really be to understand the difference especially when the prices range from only a couple of dollars all the way up to hundreds of pounds. Designer brands aside wallets the first thing you need to do when considering a new wallet is to understand what you want from your wallet? Check out these questions below see which type of wallet best suits you.

(Quick note: Be careful when looking for other posts on people’s opinions on the best wallets. These articles/blogs generally don’t know what they’re talking about and usually trying to get you to click affiliate links to profit from you. We’re impartial here and always review and use each wallet expensively before we give our honest opinion. No tomfoolery here No affiliate links are used in this article).

I’m looking for a really slim wallet. I don’t really have that many cards and don’t carry cash often (especially coins).

I’m looking for functionality above all else. I have a lot of cards and cash so I’d need something that meets these needs.

I’m a designer junkie. I have money to spend and want something from a big name brand. I’m looking for something unique and cool looking. I want something that sparks conversation and makes people go wow!

If one of these questions talks to you more than the other then I think you’ve found the type of wallet you’re looking for. With this question answered we can now begin to look at the best wallets for each of these categories. Below you’ll find the best men’s wallet around today split up into these 3 distinct categories. I’ve also split them up into price brands starting from a more affordable wallet ($5 – $15), mid-level prices  ($20 – $50) and finally high-end wallets with lofty price tags ($75+).

Slim & Minimalist Wallets

(with the expense of functionality)

As stated above slim wallets are those which focus on being compact and minimalist. These wallets typically hold fewer cards and have less functionality to compensate for their smaller size. Here are my top rated best 3 slim wallets for you to consider:

Dun Fold Wallet (Expensive price tag of $70 )

The Dun Fold is a classic in its catalog. Made from premium leather and crafted with functionally in mind the Dun Fold solves many issues revolving around slim wallets. Not only is it an incredibly attractive looking wallet with its sleek black design – and fantastic build and quality material – it also does one of the best jobs at easy across to cash and cards.

When open, the Dun Fold stores notes through a large open slot which extends across the entire wallet and folds the cash around when closed. This is a type of design I’ve not come across in a wallet before and it makes access to notes easy as simply sliding it out.  The DUN Fold is made to fit all international notes  without any trouble. 

Coming in at $70 the Dun fold is the most expensive wallet on the list. But with an attractive design and amazing functionality, I’d say it’s worth the price tag. For more information on the Dun Fold wallet visit their website here.


Andar Apollo Wallet (Mid-level price tag of $45)

Andar is typically known for its attractive and rustic designed wallets but at a more affordable price. My favorite has always been the Andar Apollo. This Bi-fold designed wallet is slim and uniform in appearance and has a bunch of functional features which makes it great for a smaller wallet. For example, the quick access card slot on the side has a nifty pull tab which uses elastic for easy access at any time.

Once opened the Apollo also has a similar design to the Dun wallet for storing notes. With a big metal clip running down the middle of the flow to secure cash in place when on the move. I wouldn’t say it’s as good as the Dun but it does a great job anyhow. With a range of colors and enough card slots for 4-5 cards, this is a great wallet to consider. For more details visit the Andar website by clicking here.

The Nero Wallet (Low Price tag of $25)

Our final wallet in this section is our cheapest and slimmest. Being the same shape as a credit or debit card the Nero wallet is as simple as it gets. It has two slots either side for cards and a section running though the middle for – you guessed – it more cards. This is also where I’d also probably store the physical cash.

And that’s it. This wallet is really simple and does the job well. I’d recommend this wallet for anybody not quite sure if a minimalist wallet is quite for them, and need one to ‘try out’. For more information on the Nero wallet, click here.

The Flow Fold (Honorable mention)

Cheap and cheerful. The Flow fold is an incredibly slim and durable wallet meant for those who carry very little. Coming in at only $15 this hardy wallet is simple with only a single slot for cards (which you could also store notes in). For more information on the Flow Fold visit their website here.

Wallets with Functionality

(at the expense of a larger size)

These wallets are larger than their minimalist counterparts and your probably going to feel the bulge in your pocket. Nevertheless, these wallets are teeming with cool features and enough storage areas for even those with large amounts of cash or cards. Here are my top rated best 3 functional wallets for you to consider:

Garzini (Mid-level price tag of $55)

Dubbed the magic coin wallet (by the manufacturers no less), the Garzini Essenziale magic coin wallet is a great choice for people who need storage for coins. With card storage between 5 and 10 cards, the Essenziale hosts a sleek design, RFID protection, and a full-size front coin pocket. It’s not a huge wallet by any means but I do feel it in my pants so take that as you will. For more information on this wallet click here.

Exentri (Mid-level price tag of $55)

The Exentri wallet is chunky but not huge. This Tri-Fold wallet hosts a variety of features including a dedicated note slot in the back and 6 card slots which could fit a maximum of 12 cards in it (although I wouldn’t recommend it). The wallet is held closed with a very attractive metal clasp and is available in a range of colors.

The Exentri wallet comes in at $X which isn’t crazy expensive. During my time using the wallet I found it very functional but without substituting the size too much. If I’m traveling abroad – and have more items in my wallet than usual – the Exentri wallet is a good choice. For more information on the Exentri click here.

Most Attractive Wallets

(at the expense of everything)

If you’re looking for abstract design and interesting materials these are the wallets for you. They all have something quite different about them but sacrifice functionality, size and usually price (more expensive).

Discommon Thermoformed (Expensive price tag of $70)

I actually have a full review of this wallet so click here to view that. The Discommon is probably more of a cardholder than a wallet. Even so, it stores a good amount of cards and that’s about it. What immediately caught my eye is its interesting design. With a poker-dot effect and burger style clamshell look, the Thermoformed is probably my favorite design for a wallet.

The wallet is by no means cheap though. Coming in at $70 this is more of a statement item. An everyday carry item to make people’s head turn. For more information on this wallet click here.

Poppy Wooden Wallet (Mid-level price tag of $44)

Made from beautifully crafted hardwood (different types of wood are available) the Poppy wallet is another attractive design like no other. The wallets bi-fold hinge has been crafted in such a way which allows the wood to bend freely very unusual for a typically sold material. Inside it’s laced with a leather interior which is where you’ll store all your cards and cash. This is very typical of any bi-fold – probably the wallet you have at the moment – with slot each side for your cards (8 slots total) and a large opening at the top for notes. For more information on the Poppy wooden wallet click here.

Wallum M1 Card Holder Wallet

The final wallet is the Wallum M1. This wallets unique feature is it’s all metal design. For more, it’s the most attractive metal wallet on the wallet with its brush aluminum design and attractive rubber band accents which help hold the two pieces of metal together. The wallet isn’t very functional but it’s definitely slim enough to be considered in the first category also. It also has a nifty money clip at the back which does work great. Coming in at $45 it’s not the cheapest but from a design perspective it’s great, For more information on this wallet click here.


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