The Top Men’s Miniamlist / Slim Wallets 2020

Minimalist wallets have quickly become the No.1 choice of wallet for men. As technology slowly takes over we’re finding ourselves carrying less and less in our wallets and a smaller size wallet taken over. At time will probably come when wallets will be a thing of the past and physical currencies won’t exist. 

My love for minimalist wallets grew when I first stumbled upon the TGT (pronounced tight) wallet all the way back in 2014. This Kickstarter wallet was probably responsible for my weird obsession with wallets and why this website even probably exists. Although the TGT wallet doesn’t make my top 5 list (sorry guys) I felt I needed to mention it for nothing more than notagia value. 

My top 5 minimalist wallets is a list narrowed down from myself trying over 100 different brands over a 6 year period. It was no easy task and many amazing wallets didn’t take the cut. Minimalist wallets – unlike reviewing wallets made from a certain material – is a lot broader of a category. Before I get into the 5 wallets I just want to explain the advantages and disadvantages of a minimalist wallet and why you should or shouldn’t consider one as your next. 

Why You Should Get a Minimalist Wallet?

Before I go into this it we should probably define what a minimalist, or slim, wallet actually is. Different people have different opinions on when a wallet is too large to be considered minimalist. So since I’m writing this article (and I’ve got no one to argue with me) I’ve come up with a simple definition below which is what I think a minimalist wallet is.

‘A wallet which isn’t much bigger than a credit or debit card and is almost as thin as one. If it can be felt in the pocket it’s probably too big’. – allthewallets 2019.

The main reason people purchase minimalist wallets is because they want a smaller wallet, or simply have no need for a large bulky wallet anymore. The advantages of this are really self explanatory. A smaller wallet weighs less and is a more enjoyable item to carry around with you on a daily basis. 

But minimalist wallets do have their downside. With a smaller overall design minimalist wallets are forced to forgo many features that regular sized wallets probably include. The one feature that comes to mind is a coin pouch. It would be very difficult to create a small wallet which accommodating a zipper and then stuffing it with coins. It just wouldn’t be that minimalist anymore. This also applies to many other features simply down to the amount of cards or cash your able to store in them. 

Because of this if you’re looking for a more functional wallet I’d recommend staying away from slimmer wallets. If this sounds like you, why not check out our guide on the best trifold wallets on the market today. These might be a better option for you. 

Bellroy Card Sleeve

Bellroy has always been a popular wallet brand and that’s one of the reasons why they made my top 8 wallet brands list. As one of the biggest brands entirely dedicated to wallets the Bellroy Card Sleeve excels in both its functionality and design. 

Obviously the wallet is very slim coming in at only 103mm x 71mm. The wallet also integrates a range of quick access slots allowing you to quickly and easily access cards on the move. 

The range of colors the Bellroy is available in is also a great selling point. From blue and green though to more standard colors like black and brown your bound to find something you like.

The Bellroy Card Sleeve is just one of many you can in their range. What I really like about Bellroy as a brand is their aim to become a more sustainable brand and this is reflected in how and where they source their leather. At just £45.00 the Bellroy is affordable and premium. I have no kwarms in recommending the Bellroy Card Sleeve. For more information on the Bellroy Card Sleeve check out their website by clicking here.

The Dun Wallet

Here we go again. If you’ve ever read any other of my wallet reviews you’ll find the Dun wallet on nearly every list. The wallet is just that good and consistently performs at the highest level in a range of wallet types. 

The Dun wallet is simple at its core. In a trusty bi-fold style the wallet excels in the way it stores you physical cash. With a long cash pouch running directly through the middle of the wallet you have easy access to your cash from both sides. This is a type of innovate not usually seen in many wallets and it works like a charm. 

The wallet is also made from premium material made from soft calf leather. This is incredibly durable and has no trouble staying fresh even after years of daily use. Finally, the Dun wallet also comes integrated with RFID technology which is used to keep your cards safe from contactless fraud. 

The wallet is one of the more expensive on this list coming in at $70.00. That being said if you have a little more cash to spend on your wallet, I highly recommend the Dun wallet and the other wallets in their range. For more information, why not check out our full review of the Dun wallet by clicking here, or check their official site out here. 

Pioneer Molecule Cardholder

What happens when you combine a minimalist wallet with an innovative and never before seen material? A great wallet that’s what. The Pioneer Molecule cardholder is a great combination of attractive design, unique material and of course minimalism. 

I first stumbled upon the Pioneer wallet when looking for wallets made from unique materials. We’ve all seen leather wallets but I wanted something which used a material which was not only aesthetically attractive but also functional in someway. The Pioneer range of wallets are made from a material called 10XD. According to Pioneer this is 10 times stronger than steel, ultra light and has a smooth touch. All these factors made it durable and made to last. 

When I first unboxed the Pioneer I didn’t really see the appeal. It just felt like plastic. Nevertheless, after a few days of daily use I found the material fantastic. It really is one of the best materials I’ve come across when it comes to wallet design and I found over time the material didn’t show any signs of wear or tear. It just looked brand new. The material is also water resistant which makes it an ideal outdoors wallet for people who frequently hike or camp.

The wallet itself is also highly functional. It can hold between 4 – 6 cards which is fairly typical for a minimalist wallet of this size. Speaking of size the wallet measures 74mm x 107mm with a thickness of only 4mm (not including cards). This is bang on for a minimalist wallet and the wallet does a great job of retaining its shape after every filled with cash and cards. 

The Pioneer Molecule Cardholder comes in at a reasonable price of $59. This is pretty average of wallet of this quality and I’ve definitely come across wallets which provide less at a higher price tag. For more information on the Pioneer wallet check out their website by clicking here. 

The Lemur Fold Wallet

Lemur is innovating in the way we make wallets. The Lemur’s most unique selling point is probably the way the wallet is shipped. On arrival you literally have to fold it and make it yourself. You might think ‘why should I have to make my own wallet’ but honestly it’s very simple and adds to the unique design of the wallet. 

Once constructed the wallet has two openings one on the front and one on the back. Each has its own function for card and note storage. 

One of the genius design factors is the wallet has a secret opening at the back to allow coins to slide out by slightly squeezing on the sides of the wallet. They call it ‘the coin trick’ and it really does seem like magic as it effectively allows for coin storage in such a compact design. 

Finally, the wallet is made from vegetable tanned leather. You’ll notice how thick the leather is when you unbox the Lemur and it almost takes breaking in much like you’d do with leather boots. The smell is also intoxicating as you’ll be immediately hit with an amazing leather smell which seems to last forever. 

Coming in at $59.50 the Lemur Fold wallet is an excellent minimalist wallet and offers a unique design, premium materials and coin storage. For more information on the Lemur check out their website by clicking here. 

Nodus Compact Wallet

Nodus is an elegant brand but with one big difference. They really innovate when it comes to the functionality of their wallets. Remember when I said most minimalist wallets lack features? When that isn’t the case with the Nodus Compact wallet. What the Nodus does is innovate and provide wallets with a small form factor but a range of features usually only seen in larger tri-fold or bi-fold wallets.

These features are key to why the Nodus wallet is so high on my list. First of all it has a well designed quick access slot at the very top. This is amazing for easily cascading you cards and works better than most pull tabs i’ve come across. The wallet also has a dedicated slot for a key. This is found inside the wallet for safekeeping and was far more useful to me than I thought it would be. 

The wallet also has a fantastic note slot. Most minimalist wallets force you to shove your notes inside a card slot which is never ideal. The Nodus has a dedicated note slot in the middle which allows for better cash access than most wallets. 

Finally the design. The wallet is made from full grain vegetable tanned italian leather with a soft touch feel. This is beyond high quality and one of my favorite feeling wallets on this list. The wallet also comes in a small range of colors. These colours are clearly limited to those which give a more luxurious look from a tan brown to an emerald green. 

Coming in at £59.99 the Compact wallet by Nodus is amazingly simple, attractive and functional and the higher price reflects this. For more information on this wallet check out their website by clicking here. 

The Ridge Wallet

As one of the most famous examples of Kickstarter’s success the Ridge wallet is the perfect combination of minimalist design and attractive materials. Being made from aluminum metal the Ridge is one of the most attractive wallets I’ve personally used and it has a high-quality premium feel in the hand. 

With a capacity of 12 cards, the Ridge does a great job of staying slim regardless of the number of cards it can carry. The metal material used also had RFID blocking capability which means you can stay safe against contactless fraud when out and about. 

The final point I’d like to make about the Ridge wallet is the huge variety of colors its available in. With a standard array of over 10 colors and a range of patterned designs regardless of your personal style, I’m sure Ridge has something you’ll enjoy. 

Coming in at a price tag of $75 – $85 the Ridge wallet offers attractive design in a neat little slim package. I love the cool feel of the metal and it really does offer a premium feel. For more information visit the ridge website directly by clicking here.


  • Expands to Hold 1-12 Cards
  • RFID-blocking Materials
  • Backed by our Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Returns Within 45 Days
  • 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Weight: 2 oz | 86 x 54 x 6 mm
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