The Crabby Wallet Review – Slim & Elasticated 

The Crabby wallet is sort of nostalgic for me. This was the first ever wallet I ever backed on Kickstarter and I’m delighted that all these years later they’re still having success with wallets and a range of other apparel.

What made me originally back the Crabby wallet was it’s simplistic design and minimalist profile. But the crabby is also stylistically different and uses material not common in other wallets. Let’s not forget the amazing price tag as well, especially in a world where wallets seem to be increasing in price year after year the crabby has stayed constantly affordable (but more on that later). Let’s take a closer look at what the Crabby wallet has to offer. 

Crabby first launched on Kickstarter on March 27th of 2013. The goal of raising $10,000 was met in only 24 hours. Crabby Gear was supported by both domestic and international pledges and the wallet made it to the top of Kickstarter’s “Fashion” page.’. – Crabby 2019

Look & Design

The first thing you’ll notice about the Crabby wallet is it’s unusual design. Made from elastic the Crabby wallet may not be the most beautiful wallet you’ve ever set eyes on. Nevertheless, the charm comes from great branding and the awesome color accents. The crabby wallet is available in a huge range of colors. Just by counting I’d say at least 20 ranging from black, through to brown and grey. The chances are they have the color you want which is great. 

The Design is simple. Coming in at 2inches tall and 4 inches wide the Crabby wallet hosts 2 main slots. A top pocket for storing all your cards and a side pocket for additional item primary used for note storage. The whole thing is secured by a wrap around elastic band to hold everything in place. I first thought this would be a bit annoying to constantly take off and put back on but it was actually very easy and gave peace of mind that my cash and cards wouldn’t fall out. 

Functionality & Utility 

Where the Crabby really shines is with its functionality and range of features. As mentioned the Crabby wallet is minimalist so this should appeal to those looking to slim down their wallets and carry less. With the capacity to hold a maximum of 10 cards the Crabby is by no means a lightweight. Although I personally wouldn’t recommend this many. 10 Cards really bulks the wallet about increasing that thin 1.8 inches massively. 

The main thing that separates the Crabby from other wallets is its inclusion of an attachment loop which allows you to hook items on mainly keys. This was a nice inclusion and a feature which I used a lot. For added security you can also then hook any keys under the elasticated band. This is nice to also stop any jingling that keys like to make and keep everything nicely packed together. 

Finally, being made from elastic the Crabby wallet is incredibly durable and best suited for people who enjoy the outdoor lifestyle and are worried about their wallets getting dirty or wet. The elastic is high quality and doesn’t wear easily. It’s also washable which means if it does get dirty, you can simply throw that baby in the washing machine and it’ll come out like new. 

Final Verdict

At a price tag of only $14.99 the crabby is amazing value for what you get. Are you going to get the most attractive wallet in the world? No. But what you do get is a fantastically functional and simple wallet at an amazing price. I recommend the Crabby wallet to anyone who is curious about downsizing their wallet to a slimmer size but doesn’t want to pay through the nose to get it. 

For more information on the Crabby Wallet check them out by clicking the link below.

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