The Spine Titanium Wallet Review

The spine wallet takes that minimalist idea and puts it to the extreme. The Spine Titanium is by far the smallest and slimmest wallet I’ve ever come across. On first sight, you’d wonder how something this thin could even be considered a wallet.  While being only .0625″ thick it really does boggle the mind how this wallet can not only be functional but also pleasant to use. Let’s take a further look at the Spine Titanium Wallet and how it compares to the competition.

I’ve never been a big fan of ultra minimalism like the spine wallet. Never the less I always keep an open mind and when this wallet popped up on my Pinterest feed I couldn’t help but stare in complete contemplation to whether or not the price of $30 was something I was comfortable parting with. In the end, my heart overruled my head and within a couple of days (really quick P&P), my new ultra-slim wallet was with me. 

First Impressions

On arrival and unpackaging the wallet the Spine looked and felt amazing. The hard cold feel of the grade 5 Titanium really send a chill down my spine and it gave a real industrial feel that I don’t get with other wallets. From a design perspective, the guys at Spine have done a wonderful job. Below are a few dimensions and general details about the spine wallet.

Quick Summary

3.43″ (H) x 2.185″ (W) x .0625″ (Thick)

87.1mm (H) x 55.5mm (W) x 1.6mm (Thick)

ID theft resistant


Water resistant

Look & Design

The Spine Wallet is probably as simple as you can get in a wallet. The feel is that of high quality that you typically get with a metal item. Aside from the minimalist size of the Spine wallet, the other main selling point is the range of different colors the wallet is available in. From the classic colors of metal (gold, and silver) through to colors such as purple and blue.

The metal is high quality being made from (obviously) grade 5 titanium surrounded by an elastic band. The guys at Spine specify the reasons they use titanium saying it’s as strong as steel yet weighs 40% less and is non-corrosive. This is evident in the initial unboxing and Titanium seems like a great choice for a wallet like this. 

Functionality & Utility 

The wallet doesn’t have much to offer in terms of its functionality. As mentioned earlier the wallet is aimed at those who are looking to slim down and want a smaller more compact wallet. The wallet can hold a variety of cards. I found the max is around 6 but it could hold more at the sacrifice of its size. The more cards you store in the wallet the bulkier it’s going to get. The thick elastic band is used for cash storage and is strong. Many bands like this have a tendency of snapping but I don’t think you’ll have this issue with the spine wallet. 

The main other feature of the wallet is the inclusion of a bottle opener cut directly into the metal of the wallet. This is a nice feature, although I can’t comment on how many times I’ll probably use it. If you enjoy a cool beer on the move then it might be handy but for me, it’s a feature I’ll probably never use.

Final Verdict

The spine isn’t a wallet for everyone and it wasn’t for me. Although I loved its look and feel I just didn’t see the appeal of something so plain in functionality. To even consider getting this wallet you first need to understand what this wallet stands for. This wallet isn’t about sheer functionality, expensive leather or secret storage compartments. If that’s what you’re after then this isn’t the wallet for you. 

Only once I’d bought and used the wallet did I realize this so a heads up to anybody unsure about purchasing this wallet. I love the design and see the appeal of this wallet. But for me, it took minimalism to an extreme and I wanted more. This isn’t a criticism but simply personal preference. Many people think for what you get you don’t get a lot. The Spine starts at a reasonable (for me anyway) price of $24.99. It’s up to you to decide whether or not this is a sound investment.

Regardless if you absolutely love this wallet like a lot of people do check out their website, here! Also remember to check out my other reviews, subscribe to my mailing list and stay tuned for more content in the future! For more information on the Spine, wallet check out their website by clicking here. 


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